Venice Beach / Getty (8/9)

Went to Venice beach and the Getty museum today. Will be off to Catalina Island tomorrow for two nights. We probably won’t have internet access there, but we’ll post some more pictures and blogs as soon as we get back.

Best wishes from the English in Motion family!<

The Getty

One thought on “Venice Beach / Getty (8/9)

  1. A short note to Nikolas: The inspection and audit of our clinic by the regional council of Tübingen (what’s Regierungspräsidium Tübingen in English?) went very, very well. We passed every review with flying colors. They told us that everything is top-notch. We are so relieved and can finally sleep well again.
    Anyway, it’s splendid you are experiencing so many facets of the American way of life. Have lots of fun on Catalina Island and take care… Bye. Brigitte and Tobias.

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