Universal Studios

Today on Thursday we went to Universal Studios.  We expected a lot after hearing that it is also called “The Entertainment City of Los Angeles.”  We took part in the Studio Tour, where we got to see sets from old western movies, commercials, and series like “Desperate Housewives,” “The Mentalist,” and “CSI”.  We rode the “Transformers, The Ride 3D” together.  After that we had free time to see the attractions- Rollercoasters, Stuntshows, and sets.  We met for dinner at Universal City Walk in Bubba Gumps restaurant, which is themed after the movie, “Forest Gump.”  We are all really looking forward to tomorrow, when we will go to Disneyland!


by Raphael

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  1. After getting a little impatient now I am relieved to read your reports, hear that all is well and you have a great time full of new experiences and adventures. I’d like to visit the sets of CSI very much, because I’m a great fan and enjoyed watching nearly two and a half seasons together with Sarah. Dear Sarah, we will continue when you are back home again. Josef

  2. Hy teenager
    We think that this trip will remain memorable simply indescribable. It’s so great to know what you all experienced in these 14 days. So, still enjoys the remaining 4 days. We wish you all a good trip and are already looking forward to the many reports that you have to tell.
    Greetings to Raphael and of course to all other.

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