Surfing @ Venice Beach

After getting up and having breakfast, we drove to Venice beach to have our first surfing lesson. With wetsuits and surfboards we were well prepared for the waves. Having tried to surf, some campers decided instead to play volleyball and football or to just get tanned.

To get in contact with some locals, we had to do interviews with young people from Venice beach.

In the afternoon we had some free time which all of us used to go shopping at the nearby third street promenade. Later we went to the old „Muscle Beach“ and Santa Monica Pier to visit the amusement park „Pacific Park“, which was lots of fun.

Tomorrow we get to see an LA Dodgers baseball game, which everyone is very excited about.

Michèle, Sarah and Jasmin


3 Gedanken zu „Surfing @ Venice Beach

  1. Surfing USA ! Welch tollen
    Infos .. soviele spitzenmäßige Eindrücke und die Idee von einem EternCamp ist ja auch gar nicht so verkehrt. Wo bleiben denn die tollen Beachfotos? Wir warten gespannt tagtäglich auf neuen Input aus Kalifornien. Ganz liebe Grüße an Jan. Bei Euch sonniges Wettter
    – in den Bergen regnets. Petra u. Richard Bentner

  2. Absolut lässig Eure Reise 🙂
    Also wir würden uns bei einem Eltern Camp auch sofort anschliessen.
    Wir wünschen Euch ein spannendes Baseball Spiel und noch schöne heisse Tage in Santa Monica.
    Die besten Grüße an Raphael und natürlich an den Rest

  3. I wonder why you don’t show us some photos. I’d like to watch you surfing the wild waves of Venice Beach. But probably you were rather drinking the waves, not surfing them. Now I’m loking forward to listening to your stories about the baseball game. Please check up the roules of this game the american people are so fond of. I need some explanations because I’m to stupid to understand, what they are doing hitting a little ball with a large stick and running around in circles. I hope you have some money left after your shopping tour and your heads on your shoulders after playing (american?)football.

    Have a good time

    Josef, Elke, Miriam and Rebekka

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