Science Museum/ IMAX/ Dodgers Game (8/8)

Science museum today!
Starting a day with some knowledge about science is nearly perfect. And of course we had fun at the museum trying all these science things and the different computers. Highlight of the science museum: Hubble space telescope – a 3D movie about some astronauts fixing the telescope. The movie was such an impressive way to give us some information on their job and how big the space is!
But the best comes after learning: fun in the batting cage! After Tuck explained how to play baseball we had so much fun trying to doing a good job – awesome day to that point. And what’s better than science museum and playing baseball? Watching the pros themselves play baseball. A pro game starting so boring that you want to get away turning into an exciting game being explained by a family from Cologne! And suddenly everyone started talking German. German students in front of us, German students behind us, plus the family from Cologne -> so much fun! And after great 8 innings we had to leave ’cause we didn’t want to get stuck in traffic; so unfortunately we didn’t see the end of the game 🙁

Greetings from EiM after such an exhausting day 😉

One thought on “Science Museum/ IMAX/ Dodgers Game (8/8)

  1. Did you guys sing? Don't forget to look up baseball idioms like: He never got to first base with her. Or: to make a home run = to be successful. The English language is rich in "sports idioms" from golf to baseball to football (i.e. to make a touchdown = to win). Well, I think – I'll stop now (the opposite would be to tee off, which originates from golf). Bye.
    P.S. Nikolas stop groaning that I'm giving you headaches with my comments. Keep in mind, we parents miss you kids awfully and this blog is as much joy to us as it is work for you. So don't sweat it.

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