Magic Mountain Camp; Pasadena

In the morning we went to Magic Mountain, it’s a huge roller coaster park. It was a lot of fun, because there were roller coasters for everyone. In the evening we drove to Pasadena to check in at the gym. After that we went to the Cheesecake Factory. The meal was very delicious. But we had to wait for a long time to get a place for 23 people. Then we slept in the gym.

The next day early in the morning we went to IHOP (International House of Pancakes) to have an original American breakfast (with lots of calories). After the breakfast we went back to the gym and did some gymnastics with Lucia. We burned all the calories which we ate in the morning. After the tough gymnastic lesson we went to the swimming pool and relaxed in the sun. In the evening we ordered a lot of pizzas and ate them at an open air jazz concert. After the concert the teamers surprised us, because we spontaneously went to the cinema and watched „The Dark Knight Rises“.
Sven & Philipp

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