Our pedagogic concept is based on the most current methods in adventure and experimental education, including the immersion process. This method incorporates total immersion in the host language which enables students to dedicate all senses to the respective foreign language. The comfortable atmosphere we create helps students to learn and apply everyday English expressions and vocabulary into their own lives. The low student-teacher ratio makes it possible to offer teacher assistance around the clock.

Through out the duration of the camp, our teamers maintain an “Only English” policy which is constantly being adjusted to the students’ different levels of knowledge and needs. For many students it is a new experience to learn a language without the constant pressure they face at school. Here they have opportunity to express themselves without fear in front of their new classmates and friends. Through experience and feedback, it is clear that students develop a new sense of motivation and excitement for the English language at our camps.

“English in Motion” is a non-profit organization, which relies on its members’ volunteer work. The team of “English in Motion” consists of dedicated English majors, young teachers and native speakers with years of camp experience, as well as pedagogic training. The morning English lessons are activity oriented and focus on topics such as geography and grammar. They also incorporate presentation skills in order to improve their rhetorical abilities. Students are also encouraged to be involved in the development of their lessons. We strive to take the ideas and interests of the participants into consideration on a regular basis. Due to the small number of students in each class, the teachers are better equipped to become acquainted with each student and therefore evaluate and address their individual needs. Additionally, the students are encouraged to support and help each other in class, which creates a strong sense of community. Our inter-cultural concept raises acceptance and tolerance towards other people. While learning about foreign cultures, we motivate our students to critically reflect on their own.

In the afternoon, kids get to choose from a variety of activities, such as dancing, sports, arts and crafts and theatre. The team members who are responsible for the afternoon projects are experienced in those particular fields. At the end of each day, “English in Motion” offers an evening program for all students and teamers to enjoy. These activities include a variety of interactive games, quiz shows and English movies. Additional to that we include adventure games which encourage the students’ personal and social skills.

Spending a week away, immersed in an English speaking environment provides German kids with a healthy challenge and an unforgettable experience. Students are being challenged to expand their personal boundaries and improve upon their social and educational skills. Our program requires a certain level of discipline which challenges kids of different ages and educational levels to work together.

Our goal for the future is to annually improve this already successful program and continue to offer participants a chance to make new friends, while creating fresh interest in the English language and English speaking countries.