Hurricane Harbor (8/14)

Today we went to Hurricane Harbor, we had free time for the whole day there.
Hurricane Harbor is a waterpark with many slides and a lot of pools and everything you need to enjoy when it’s really good weather like today.
There were many awesome slides and at the beginning the waiting time wasn’t so long.
Later we had to wait long but it still was alright. But there was also a beautiful beach and a very nice pool with waves. We also were just laying at the pool in the sun and enjoyed the very very nice weather.
After that we met at the entrance to go to the mall. Then we went to the mall for shopping, it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it!
For dinner we will have mac & cheese with corn on the cob now.

It was a great day which is ending now 🙂

Written by the awesome Johannes 🙂
Edited by the equally awesome Tucker :)))

4 thoughts on “Hurricane Harbor (8/14)

  1. Good morning everyone,
    if I am right it´s your last complete day in USA. I´m sure you´ve got a memorable day planned, make the most of it. We have really enjoyed being able to experience your holiday through these blogs. Thank´s to all of you. You will be sad to leave but we are so looking forward to having you home again.
    Best wishes to all of you and have a save journey home! 🙂

  2. Have a happy last day in sweat california and a good trip back home. Seams you had a lot of fun and learned a lot! Best wishes from rainy Hamburg.

  3. …damit es mit der guten alten Muttersprache nicht ganz so schwierig wird schon mal zur Einstimmung auf deutsch 🙂
    Danke für die wunderbaren Reiseeindrücke, die wir durch euren Blog hatten! Danke für eure Mühe damit! Wir freuen uns sehr noch viel mehr von euch selbst zu hören wenn ihr zu Hause seid!
    Noch eine tolle restliche Zeit euch allen und gute Reise !

  4. A big “thank you” to you David, Tucker, Kate and all of you, who took part in making all this possible. And thanks to all who blogged. What a feat.
    It made us wish we could just hop on a plane and join you. From the Catalina Island to the puke bag for magic mountain. Have a safe trip home.

    All aboard, all aboard
    with the E. i. M. hoard
    It’s the greatest show that was ever afloat
    Take a ride on the tide with the guides and see
    The wonders of LA and the deep blue sea

    Californee, the deep blue sea
    There’s a lot to see, wherever you glee
    Tired students and teachers too
    Will soon be back, with hullabaloo.

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