HOLLYWOOD!!! (8/5)

Today was a pretty great day because we went to Hollywood and it was Tucker’s 21st birthday.The beginning of this day was really relaxed some of us went shopping and the others chilled at the beach. Finally, at 12:30 pm we started our way to the Hollywood Hills! On the way we had a break at Tar Pit, at this place archaeologists still find fossils but the main attraction was a man with his banjo. While he was playing a song we danced to his music it was funny.

Our next stop was Beverly Hills where we walked along the Rodeo Drive which is the second most expensive shopping street in the world. After dreaming of Gucci and Dolce&Gabbana we were at the Beverly Hills sign and took a group picture in front of it.

Everyone was so exited about seeing Hollywood, after a short drive up to the hills we found the best view to take pictures. WE ARE IN HOLLYWOOD! It’s just an amazing feeling – but I’m afraid we haven’t seen a star yet… All in all it was a fantastic and a powerful day.

Caro, Tina & Nico

One thought on “HOLLYWOOD!!! (8/5)

  1. What a day you all had! Wonderful! Did s.b. take a picture, when you were dancing to the banjo? Please do take lots and lots of pictures. But mainly enjoy yourselves! It gives us such pleasure to read your blog postings.
    P.S. This is weird: you posted “Hollywood” on August 5th at 22:27 and it wasn’t until this afternoon (Aug. 7th, 4 p.m.) that it could be read here.

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