2 thoughts on “Farewell Dinner

  1. Dear Teamer, as far as I could overlook this, in the short time at the station, the kids came back in full number and in well condition;-)
    To all of you thanks for this special experience. I am sure it will be a lasting memory.
    We wish you a well-deserved breather,
    Greetings Hendrik and Manuela

  2. Hi to all of you, Kate, Tucker, Alex, Jes, Maya and David,
    thanks for a very exciting adventure in USA, California.Just, the 2 weeks have passed very quickly for Jan and he has had a good time and his reminde on this holidays after Mittlere Reife will hold up for very long time. If you will plan other events for people between 16 an 18 years, please inform Jan, he is hot in doing such interest holidays furthermore.
    As parents, we are happy to have sent Jan with English-in-Motion and we can say to othe parents: Give them a chance to take the same experience, it is very useful for their future 😉
    Petra u. Richard Bentner

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