church, gymnastics, concert (8/7)

7am wake up call by Tuck: “we’re going to church guys, hurry up!” And so we did, a group of 23 people sitting in the church, who did not know what’s going on, BUT: it was awesome! Old lady started singing and we still didn’t know what’s going on. After a few performances we were so excited what’s happening next, that we nearly missed the 1 hour speech of the reverend, he was talking a long, long time about one thing: god is in us and: we should use our potential for our needs. At the end of his talk, he mentioned that some guys from Germany are here and Kate told 200 people in 2 sentences who we are: English in Motion! They we’re so nice and friendly, every one of them! They were really happy to have us there. After giving some donations, it all came to an end. And we went back to the hostel and got some free time to hang out and get breakfast at Mc to the Donalds !

After lunch we went to Coco’s aunt and we were doing some gymnastics and having some fun in the gymnastic hall.

After work we went to a place where some people have been waiting for something like a concert. None of us expected much but after our pizza we were ready to rumble! Waiting for the concert we had a lot of fun but not that much like at the concert. The group came out and we really did not know what’s gonna happen! But after a few songs we knew what to do: “get up stand up, get up for your right!” we’ve been dancing in first row and the whole place knew us as the German kids having fun in the first line and dancing to the twist ! It was really great and we had a lot of fun down there!!! But everything ended and so the great show ended with talking to the musicians of the band and driving back to youth hostel, Santa Monica !

By the way, Jes took the wrong way, but with the help of an awesome unknown helper (jonas), she finally found the way to gymnastics and the way home to bed. 😉

Greetings from America from Jonas H. (and Heinzelmännchen)

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