Catalina Island



The next place we went to was Catalina Island close to the coast of Southern California. We had to get up pretty early since we had to get all of our luggage in Tucker’s and Alex’s cars. It turned out to be quite complicated, but we made it. Everybody got on the ferry and after a very windy hour, we reached California. A funny fact about the island is that most of its inhabitants own golf carts instead of normal cars. It takes 12 years to get the permission to get a normal car. Because of that, we had to walk to our camp site and even had to carry some of our luggage. We didn’t do much besides relaxing but in the evening, we celebrated Dominik’s birthday. After a cold night, all of us went snorkeling where we saw a lot of different sea creatures. After that, we went on a scavenger hunt which Tucker had made for us. That way we learned some facts about Catalina and met some very interesting people. When we all met again at Big Olafs’ in the evening, the teamers bought ice cream for everybody. At the camp, we had a small BBQ with hotdogs, salad and s’mores. The second night was not as cold as the previous one but still very short, because we had to get up early in order to pack our luggage for the next day. Luckily, this time we went downhill to the harbour of Catalina and after another ride on the ferry, we arrived in California, ready to go to our next destination.



DSC_0319Today we met at 9 am to eat breakfast. It was a special day because it was Tucker’s birthday and we sang some songs for him. At 11 am some of us played games with the Teamers. Then we met up at 1pm to drive to UCLA which is a University. After that we tried to play baseball in the park, because in the evening we watched the LA Dodgers baseball game in a stadium. It was very awesome. The next four days we are offline because we are on Catalina Island!

Eva and Caro

Venice Beach

In the morning we woke up and we all had breakfast together. After breakfast we went to the beach to rent a surfboard. After 3 hours of surfing and lying in the sun we went back to the hostel to prepare for the trip to the baseball game. But when we were all ready to leave the teamers told us that the game is tomorrow and that we will go to the beach, so we drove to Venice beach by car. We spent the whole day playing volleyball and lying around. But the best part of our day was that we met a Youtuber called Micha. I adore him so I took a photo and talked to him about his training. He answered my questions so I was happy. At 6 o´clock we went to a supermarket to buy things to cook in the evening. Every group cooked their own dishes. It was delicious! 🙂

Day 4 was awesome and I enjoyed the whole day!!


Science Center and Universal City Walk

Today, after breakfast, we went to the California Science Center to visit an exhibition about different ecosystems and of course the NASA Space Shuttle “Endeavor”. Everyone enjoyed the museum especially the interactive parts such as a touchable ice wall or a water pressure simulation. The visit ended with a movie about the power of the earth which we watched on a seven story tall IMAX cinema screen right next to the CSC. After a couple of hours of freetime in the afternoon, we drove to Universal City to spend our evening there. After we had taken another group picture everyone grabbed something to eat and several groups spread out to walk through the colorful streets of Universal City.DSC_0235

Tomorrow we’re going to watch a game of the LA Dodgers and play baseball ourselves. I’m really looking forward to this new experience.



Today we woke up and got our breakfast in the hostel. After that we drove to LA. Our first stop was the Rodeo drive. We were all very impressed by the very expensive shops like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Prada, … . On our way to our second stop, Hollywood, we saw a lot of great and expensive houses. The Hollywood Sign was really huge and we took some nice pictures. But we were a little bit sad that we couldn´t see it closer. After the Hollywood Sign we went to the Walk of Fame. It was awesome to see it but most of the stars we don’t know, we thaught that these were to old for us. Then we had dinner at In n’ Out and ate the best burgers ever!!!

A great day!


Shannon, Caro, Hannes

Flights and Santa Monica

We first took the flight from Stuttgart to Düsseldorf, where we were waiting for the flight to Los Angeles. The flight was very long, but we could watch some movies or listen to music. Then we arrived at the LA airport, where the Californian teamers were waiting for us. After that we finally arrived at the hostel and after we had eaten something we went to bed. The other day we took our first breakfast at the hostel. Then we went surfing at Venice Beach, which was really awesome. Later we had some free time for shopping, in the evening we went to the Santa Monica Pier, that is a small, but famous amusement park at the beach of Santa Monica. There we stayed for three hours and then we went back to the hostel.

Philip and Dominik

California Camp 2014!


Wir werden Euch, liebe Eltern, Freunde und sonstige Verwandte, über unseren Blog auf dem aktuellen Stand unserer Reise halten!
Direkt aus Kalifornien werdet Ihr erfahren was wir so machen und erleben, zusätzlich wird es das ein oder andere Bild geben 🙂
Wir freuen uns auf das Abenteuer!

Euer English in Motion Team