Farewell Dinner

Hey everybody!

We hope you arrived back in Germany safely. We had a great time with you all and hope you will remember this trip for a very long time.

Best wishes,
Kate, Tucker, Alex, Jes, Maya and David

Beverly Hills & Hollywood

Our day started very relaxed and we could either sleep in at the hostel or go to the beach to surf one more time with David and Jes . At 2 pm we left for our tour of UCLA, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Our first stop was the University of LA. We walked around the campus and saw a couple who just got married there. The students also live on campus and can buy everything they need there. It is like a small city for students. Our second stop was Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. We walked around and saw some really nice cars and very expensive stores for shopping. After this we went to the famous Hollywood sign at the top of the mountain and took a lot of funny and nice pictures there. Our last stop was Hollywood Drive and the Walk of Fame. There we got some freetime to see our favorite stars and we also asked people if they have seen some celebrities at the Walk of Fame. It was a great day!



Disneyland – The Happiest Place in the World

Yesterday, we went to the great Disneyland in LA. We left the hostel at 8:30 am. When we arrived at the happiest place on earth, we first went to the rollercoaster „Pirates of the Caribbean“. After that, we had time to walk in groups of min. 3 people to discover Disneyland. We spent the whole day there and enjoyed the different sights of the park.
In the evening at 8pm we all met in front of a cool restaurant. After everyone had gotten their food we watched great fireworks in front of the disney castle.
Everyone enjoyed the great show. After the fireworks we still had time to walk around until 12 pm. At midnight we met at the exit and walked to the cars together. Tucker surprised us with a great idea. We drove to an excellent donut shop, Krispy Kreme, where we had a midnight-snack.
After a great and cool day, everyone was pretty tired and happy when we arrived at the hostel.
We had a great time at the happiest place on earth and we look forward to the next days.

Valentin, Niwi & Tim

Universal Studios

Today on Thursday we went to Universal Studios.  We expected a lot after hearing that it is also called “The Entertainment City of Los Angeles.”  We took part in the Studio Tour, where we got to see sets from old western movies, commercials, and series like “Desperate Housewives,” “The Mentalist,” and “CSI”.  We rode the “Transformers, The Ride 3D” together.  After that we had free time to see the attractions- Rollercoasters, Stuntshows, and sets.  We met for dinner at Universal City Walk in Bubba Gumps restaurant, which is themed after the movie, “Forest Gump.”  We are all really looking forward to tomorrow, when we will go to Disneyland!


by Raphael

Return from Catalina

Today on Wednesday we took the return boat trip from Avalon to Santa Monica.  We will really miss the beach and the warm days we had here.  In the afternoon we had free time to shop and relax at the beach.  Later in the evening, the girls forced us to watch the movie ‘Step Up- Revolution,’ which we all enjoyed.

Catalina Island

In the morning after we got woken up by Tucker’s laugh we drove to Long Beach where we took the ferry to Catalina Island. Our walk up to the camping ground was very hard. Later, we had free time and we were allowed to discover the town (Avalon) and our campground. In the evening we had hot dogs and beans. All of us liked the hot dogs but about the beans there were different opinions. After this delicious meal, we played a funny game called “Mafia” which, unfortunately, was won by the mafia. I think we all didn’t sleep  very well because the next morning some of us had sore muscles.

The morning after, we walked down to the city where we got our snorkeling equipment and met our snorkeling guides. Then we had a pretty awesome snorkeling time which some of us enjoyed and some of us didn’t because they were scared of the fish. We saw plenty of fish. And a beautiful under water landscape. Later we had free time to shop a bit or to just walk around. While we were walking we had to do a scavenger hunt. David asked if there were people interested in joining him for a small hike to discover the amazing mountains and the great landscape. For dinner we had some “quesadillas” and marshmallows with Chocolate, they’re called S’mores. Having played our 2nd Mafia game, we went in our sleeping bags and we all slept well.




Big Baseball Day

Today was the big baseball game Los Angeles Dodgers Vs. Chicago Cubs, and we all were so excited. We started our day with playing baseball in batting cages, trying to hit the ball ourselves. For lunch we went to Olvera Street (Little Mexico) and Chinatown. In the late afternoon we went to a park at the top of a mountain with a wonderful view over Los Angeles and the Dodger Stadium. We all took a lot of pictures (look over there) and played many funny group games.

The atmosphere in the stadium was so great, and after Tucker had explained the rules of baseball it was a lot of fun to watch the game.

After the LA Dodgers won the game, the special finale of the day was a wonderful firework at the Dodgers Stadium.

Sorry for being late with our posts but the Internet on Catalina Island is not the best. Also, we had to relax at the wonderful beach 😉

Greets from Santa Monica

by Raphael

Magic Mountain Camp; Pasadena

In the morning we went to Magic Mountain, it’s a huge roller coaster park. It was a lot of fun, because there were roller coasters for everyone. In the evening we drove to Pasadena to check in at the gym. After that we went to the Cheesecake Factory. The meal was very delicious. But we had to wait for a long time to get a place for 23 people. Then we slept in the gym.

The next day early in the morning we went to IHOP (International House of Pancakes) to have an original American breakfast (with lots of calories). After the breakfast we went back to the gym and did some gymnastics with Lucia. We burned all the calories which we ate in the morning. After the tough gymnastic lesson we went to the swimming pool and relaxed in the sun. In the evening we ordered a lot of pizzas and ate them at an open air jazz concert. After the concert the teamers surprised us, because we spontaneously went to the cinema and watched „The Dark Knight Rises“.
Sven & Philipp

a few days away

Dear readers

we will be in Pasadena and on Catalina Island for 2 nights each. We probably won’t have the chance to get internet access there. So please be patient. The next blog entry will follow soon!

Surfing @ Venice Beach

After getting up and having breakfast, we drove to Venice beach to have our first surfing lesson. With wetsuits and surfboards we were well prepared for the waves. Having tried to surf, some campers decided instead to play volleyball and football or to just get tanned.

To get in contact with some locals, we had to do interviews with young people from Venice beach.

In the afternoon we had some free time which all of us used to go shopping at the nearby third street promenade. Later we went to the old „Muscle Beach“ and Santa Monica Pier to visit the amusement park „Pacific Park“, which was lots of fun.

Tomorrow we get to see an LA Dodgers baseball game, which everyone is very excited about.

Michèle, Sarah and Jasmin