Catalina Island

In the morning after we got woken up by Tucker’s laugh we drove to Long Beach where we took the ferry to Catalina Island. Our walk up to the camping ground was very hard. Later, we had free time and we were allowed to discover the town (Avalon) and our campground. In the evening we had hot dogs and beans. All of us liked the hot dogs but about the beans there were different opinions. After this delicious meal, we played a funny game called “Mafia” which, unfortunately, was won by the mafia. I think we all didn’t sleep  very well because the next morning some of us had sore muscles.

The morning after, we walked down to the city where we got our snorkeling equipment and met our snorkeling guides. Then we had a pretty awesome snorkeling time which some of us enjoyed and some of us didn’t because they were scared of the fish. We saw plenty of fish. And a beautiful under water landscape. Later we had free time to shop a bit or to just walk around. While we were walking we had to do a scavenger hunt. David asked if there were people interested in joining him for a small hike to discover the amazing mountains and the great landscape. For dinner we had some “quesadillas” and marshmallows with Chocolate, they’re called S’mores. Having played our 2nd Mafia game, we went in our sleeping bags and we all slept well.




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