California Camp 2014!


Wir werden Euch, liebe Eltern, Freunde und sonstige Verwandte, über unseren Blog auf dem aktuellen Stand unserer Reise halten!
Direkt aus Kalifornien werdet Ihr erfahren was wir so machen und erleben, zusätzlich wird es das ein oder andere Bild geben 🙂
Wir freuen uns auf das Abenteuer!

Euer English in Motion Team

Pfingst-Camp ausgebucht

Das Pfingst-Camp ist aufgrund der großen Nachfrage bereits ausgebucht.

Für das Sommercamp gibt es noch ein paar wenige Restplätze! Schnell sein lohnt sich!

Anmeldebeginn/ Büro

Der Anmeldebeginn musste leider vom 1. Februar 2017 auf den 1. März 2017 verlegt werden.

Ab Anfang März ist unser Büro dann auch wieder besetzt.

Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis.
Das EiM Team!

Pfingst- und Sommercamp 2 ausgebucht

Leider müssen/dürfen wir Ihnen mitteilen, dass unser Pfingst-Camp, sowie das Sommer-Camp 2 (06.09. – 12.09.2015) restlos ausgebucht sind.

Vielen Dank! Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Euer EiM-Team

Ski- & Snowboardcamp 2015!

Vom 28.03. – 04.04.2015 findet das Ski- und Snowboard Camp in Wildschönau (Kitzbüheler Alpen) statt. Es gibt noch freie Plätze. Teilnehmer: 13 – 16 Jahre

Hier direkt zur Anmeldung für das Ski- und Snowboard Camp!
Hier zur Übersicht unserer Camps!

DSC_0742This morning we went to one of the most famous museums in California. It’s called Getty Museum and was built by Jean Paul Getty. The museum has many old drawings and some of them were very interesting, especially their history.

After this, we went to, as always, to a grocery store to buy lunch.

We ate lunch at Malibu beach and went swimming, saw a seal, played volleyball and laid in the sun.

It was a great and beautiful day.



DSC_0691We woke up early and then we had breakfast. After breakfast, we drove to the Disneyland Resort. Then we drove with the Disney Tram to the park. During the day, we visited many attractions like roller coasters and other rides. In the evening, we all met again we watched  a huge and awesome firework together. After a long car ride back, we arrived at the hostel and fell asleep easily.


Magic Mountain

iPhoto LibraryToday, we had breakfast at the hostel. At 8.30am, we all met and drove to Magic Mountain, a giant roller coaster park. Most of us rode many roller coasters and we had so much fun. After that long and exhausting day, we finally ate at “In n’ Out Burger” and drove back to the hostel.

Shannon, Isy, Nina



At midday, we arrived at the mainland and drove to Lucia’s gym in Pasadena. After leaving our luggage there, we left for a shopping afternoon in a huge mall. It was really impressive. In the evening, we went to a concert and we celebrated Felix’s birthday.

The next day was supposed to start with a short hike. We didn´t find a parking space so we drove to a park where we ate and played some games. Later, we did some gymnastics in Lucia´s gym where we also slept while we were in Pasadena. In order to take showers, we went to a pool with extremely strict rules. In the evening, we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. Everybody enjoyed that.

Shannon, Isy and Nina

Catalina Island



The next place we went to was Catalina Island close to the coast of Southern California. We had to get up pretty early since we had to get all of our luggage in Tucker’s and Alex’s cars. It turned out to be quite complicated, but we made it. Everybody got on the ferry and after a very windy hour, we reached California. A funny fact about the island is that most of its inhabitants own golf carts instead of normal cars. It takes 12 years to get the permission to get a normal car. Because of that, we had to walk to our camp site and even had to carry some of our luggage. We didn’t do much besides relaxing but in the evening, we celebrated Dominik’s birthday. After a cold night, all of us went snorkeling where we saw a lot of different sea creatures. After that, we went on a scavenger hunt which Tucker had made for us. That way we learned some facts about Catalina and met some very interesting people. When we all met again at Big Olafs’ in the evening, the teamers bought ice cream for everybody. At the camp, we had a small BBQ with hotdogs, salad and s’mores. The second night was not as cold as the previous one but still very short, because we had to get up early in order to pack our luggage for the next day. Luckily, this time we went downhill to the harbour of Catalina and after another ride on the ferry, we arrived in California, ready to go to our next destination.