Big Baseball Day

Today was the big baseball game Los Angeles Dodgers Vs. Chicago Cubs, and we all were so excited. We started our day with playing baseball in batting cages, trying to hit the ball ourselves. For lunch we went to Olvera Street (Little Mexico) and Chinatown. In the late afternoon we went to a park at the top of a mountain with a wonderful view over Los Angeles and the Dodger Stadium. We all took a lot of pictures (look over there) and played many funny group games.

The atmosphere in the stadium was so great, and after Tucker had explained the rules of baseball it was a lot of fun to watch the game.

After the LA Dodgers won the game, the special finale of the day was a wonderful firework at the Dodgers Stadium.

Sorry for being late with our posts but the Internet on Catalina Island is not the best. Also, we had to relax at the wonderful beach 😉

Greets from Santa Monica

by Raphael

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