Beverly Hills & Hollywood

Our day started very relaxed and we could either sleep in at the hostel or go to the beach to surf one more time with David and Jes . At 2 pm we left for our tour of UCLA, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Our first stop was the University of LA. We walked around the campus and saw a couple who just got married there. The students also live on campus and can buy everything they need there. It is like a small city for students. Our second stop was Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. We walked around and saw some really nice cars and very expensive stores for shopping. After this we went to the famous Hollywood sign at the top of the mountain and took a lot of funny and nice pictures there. Our last stop was Hollywood Drive and the Walk of Fame. There we got some freetime to see our favorite stars and we also asked people if they have seen some celebrities at the Walk of Fame. It was a great day!


4 thoughts on “Beverly Hills & Hollywood

  1. I missed to response because I was travelling myself. I went to “Rhein in Flammen”, a great event with illuminated castles and marvellous fireworks when the fleet of rhineships, beautiful illuminated either, is passing by. So I had my fireworks too. I hope you still have an exciting time in the USA and I am beginning to look forward to your return. Stay cool


  2. hello together,
    you have had so excited days and we are still nosey what will be in the next few days. …
    Wir wünschen Euch allen, natürlich besonders unserem Jan, für die letzten Tage noch recht viel Spass und viele tolle Erinnerungen aus so vielen erlebnisreichen Urlaubstagen. Wir sind ja schon ein wenig neidisch, aber wichtig ist, dass Ihr gemeinsam sooooo viel Spass habt! ;-)))
    Guten Heimflug wünschen Petra u. Richard Bentner

  3. Es ist sehr schön, jeden Tag wieder Nachrichten von euch zu haben und zu lesen, was ihr für tolle Sachen erlebt. Liebe Caro, wie kommt es, dass unser Auto auf dem Rodeo Drive parkt? Unseren Stern hast du bestimmt auch gesehen, er ist gleich neben Brads : ). Wir freuen uns schon auf euren nächsten Bericht ! Viel Spaß und Alles Liebe (besonders für Caro) von Catarina und Elisa Stönner.

  4. Hi guys,
    today I will leave my last comment on this blog. And a last time you can enjoy my fabulous English. I tried my very best, but I have been harshly criticized by Johanna, my best friend’s daughter. I knew before that no Englishman would say: “many greetings”, but I didn’t know the alternative. All I remembered was “Yours sincerely”, but this would have been complete rubbish and even more ridiculous. She told me, with hugs would have been better, but I don’t know, if you would have liked it. And than she read all my comments and showed me some more funny mistakes. I hope, Sarah isn’t ashamed about her awkward father. I’m sure she will tell me, when she is back home again.
    I think you really had a marvellous time, you’ve seen a lot and you will never forget this experience. I can’t imagine, when there has been time for your English lessons, because you did so many things. But that is OK. Probably most of you won’t return to the USA ever again. But maybe I’m wrong. We’ll see…
    Now I wish you a wonderful time, a cool, relaxed and safe flight over the Atlantic ocean and a happy return. Sarah, you have been in my thoughts all the time and I’m looking forward to see you again.

    MANY GREETINGS, WITH HUGS or what so ever


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