English Lessons

In the mornings we offer English classes from 9 to 12 p.m. The lessons are based on the principles of activity-oriented education. According to this teaching method, our lessons involve a high level of fun, hands-on experience and teamwork. Due to the smaller proportion of students per class, when compared to regular school classrooms, each individual’s English skills can thrive in an environment which promotes optimal language development.

Afternoon Projects

In the afternoons we offer various activities.

Sports and Games

The open countryside in front of the camp is ideal for games such as baseball, soccer, volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee. There is a basketball hoop and a ping-pong room. Furthermore, we offer special activities such as juggling, acrobatics, jump-roping and scavenger hunts.

HipHop Dance

Learn how to dance like the stars on MTV! After a short warm-up, a series of different steps and elements will be acquired. Additionally, the kids will take part in dance routines and even get the opportunity to become choreographers themselves. With the aide of a dancing instructor the the kids will work together to create their own choreography.

Arts & Crafts, Film and Theatre

We want to support and encourage the students’ creativity at our camps. The activities we offer are diverse and are adjusted to meet the students’ ideas and requests.

Evening Events

Together, we enjoy the rest of the evening. Each night will feature a new and exciting event. We offer night walks, quiz shows, discos and karaoke nights.

English Library

During the breaks, the camp participants can delve among our great selection of English books, magazines and comics.