In the morning we left K8’s house, then we went back to the hostel. When we arrived in the hostel everyone had enough free time to go shopping or to go to the beach.
For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant which was called „Buco di Beppo“. We all had an awesome dinner with pasta, chicken and a lot more to chose from. Everyone enjoyed it and after this the teamers had a big surprise for us. We all went bowling. That was a lot of fun 🙂
After this we were all tired and we went directly to bed. This was our last night in Los Angeles!!!

The next day we left the hostel very early. After driving for 5 hours and having lunch at Subway we finally arrived in Las Vegas. So it was time to say goodbye to Kate, Jes and Tucker. Everyone was very sad and many of us cried 🙁

Then we checked in and went into the plane.

All in all it was a great vacation and a really wonderful experience.
We’ll never forget this time and we hope that we will meet again soon!

Written by Maria and Kevin 🙂

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